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ASK Internet Technologies, or more commonly known as ASK IT, was established in 2015 by three passionate entrepreneurs that wants a fresh introduction of how service delivery, in the fast growing communication market, is done. Every client is a valuable asset and service delivery and a long and healthy relationship with our clients is our ultimate goal.


Most ISP companies measure their level of success in the size of their footprint and the total amount of subscribers, which often leads to a drop in their ability to maintain a high quality service and support level. We’ve opted for a smaller,controllable and robust network to achieve maximum performance. This option leaves us with the capability to the connect new subscribers in short turnaround times and also enables us to locate and isolate faults quicker and more efficient, cutting downtime on the network to a minimum.


With the event of Covid-19, more and more strain was put onto data networks worldwide, with people starting to work from home, children linking up to educational services and Zoom and other video conferencing software needing reliable and fast access to broadband internet. What once was a “nice to have”, has now become a necessity. For us to provide our clients with a reliable uninterrupted service, we have implemented a redundancy network that will automatically come into play when the main up- or down-links fails.


Our network is built on fibre backbone with wireless technology to the end user. This service is referred to as Fixed Wireless Broadband opposed to Mobile Wireless Broadband, as offered by the cellular companies. ASK IT is referred to as a “WISP” or Wireless Internet Service Provider. We are duly licensed by ICASA in our capacity to build our own network infrastructure and deliver communication services. Our data service hub, Teraco in Cape Town, deliver our core interconnectivity. We manage our own IP addresses and can therefore provide our clients with a free public IP addresses. We are also able to peer with numerous upstream services using our own Autonomous System Number AS328257.


We’ve made a strategical decision to work hand in hand with ASK Security, who has been in the area for almost 20 years as an armed response specialist. Although the Security and Internet Services are two completely difference entities, the use of technology are essential in monitoring and controlling the alarm systems, CCTV as well as radio communications, all clustered in the CONTROL ROOM environment.

This collaboration also makes it possible for the client to make use of our Internet and Security package deals at competitive prices.

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